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Dublin Book Festival – Free event; Your career and personal finances

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Dublin Book Festival
Friday 4th March 2010 – 11.15: “Up for Discussion”
Main Stage, City Hall, Dame Street, Dublin

Your Career and Personal Finances: Getting Back on Track Colm Rapple, Brendan Foley, Jane Downes

Come and join us!


COLM RAPPLE’S personal finance guide Family Finance has been an annual best seller since first published in 1977. He is a journalist by profession having been at various times in his career business editor of The Irish Independent, The Sunday Independent and The Irish Press Group. He writes on economic and personal finance topics in The Irish Mail on Sunday, The Irish Daily Mail and The Irish Examiner.

BRENDAN FOLEY is a life and business coach who, through his company Seachange Training, has worked with 1,000’s of people and 100’s of companies in Ireland and the UK to help them create meaningful success. He is the author of the Yin Yang Complex (Mercier Press) and his forthcoming book, The 5 States of Success; Tools for Meaningful Success in your Career, Business and Life launches in July 2011 (Mercier Press).

JANE DOWNES is one of Irelands best known Career Coaches and author of, The Career Book– Help for the Restless Realist. She owns Clearview Coaching Group, a Career Coaching and Training business, which she established in 2004 following an extensive career working in the area of recruitment and HR consulting. In addition, Jane regularly writes for the national press and is invited to speak on national radio. Jane held the position of weekly Career Expert in 2010 on TV3’s The Morning Show.

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Want to know more about what the Yin and Yang is all about?

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Check out this short video we have made for YouTube to give an overview of the Yin Yang Complex. Hope you enjoy and if you do please pass onto others. This book really can help!

Can success in your career be matched by happiness?

Monday, March 8th, 2010

All of us want success and we all want happiness. In our careers these do not often come in pairs and if anything more success can bring about more unhappiness. By understanding our masculine and feminine energy we may be able to bring balance to our working lives that will yield not just success but also greater happiness.

On the surface it may seem that masculine and feminine energy have little to do with the way that a career will progress. Most people imagine that when this topic is mentioned that we are talking about gender equality in the workforce. It has nothing to do with this!

What we are referring to are the qualities of what we might call Yin (feminine) or Yang (masculine) energy. These energies both exist in every person. How these energies are used in the work place and are encouraged defines the type of balance and success that the business will have. Just to take your mind away away from stereo types regarding gender in work… I have a client that is an engineer, typically seen as a masculine profession who is very caring, easy and reflective as a person (feminine traits). His wife on the other hand is a nurse again a profession seen as mostly female led. She is ambitious, driving and highly focused (masculine traits). In this case he is displaying more feminine qualities and in doing so achieves success by bringing people with him and encouraging others. While his wife’s success is a product of her focus, attention to detail and energy to get the job done.

Both approaches bring this couple success and when together they balance each other. However where they have struggles is when they are apart and in his case he just uses his feminine energy and in her case she just uses her masculine energy. The imbalance will manifest in that he will tend to leave things till the last minute and lack the focus to complete tasks, this leads to him being a bad time manager and putting himself under a lot of stress and pressure equalling unhappiness. While her challenge will be in relating in an empathetic and caring way to her patients so that they feel cared for. When they feel she is too ‘business’ like they don’t feel the personal connection, this in turn leads to her feeling she does not connect well with people and then compares herself to other nurses who do. The next effect of this is she doesn’t grow or develop emotionally and again can feel unhappy.

The solution for this couple would be to work on their weaker sides to bring them out more and in doing so would achieve greater success in work but and feel happier about themselves. What can you bring out today for greater balance and therefore happiness in your career?

For more answers pick up a copy of The Yin yang Complex in your local store (Ireland) or go to our shop on this site

TV3 Interview – The Morning Show

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

This is an interesting piece that I did with Martin King and Sybil Mulcahy on their Morning Show on TV3. The part of the book that really interested them was the relationships part and in particular how you can balance your masculine and feminine energy to create better relationships. It was a great experience doing TV and let’s hope there is some more! Enjoy the short clip and tell your friends…

YouTube video highlights of Yin Yang Complex launch

Monday, January 18th, 2010

We had a fantastic night on Friday with over 120 people crammed into Dubray Books in Dun Laoghaire. We had great music from Niall Colfer and Fionnuala Gill. It was an absolute pleasure to see everyone there, my sincere thanks, Brendan.

Pat Kenny speaks about the Yin Yang Complex on RTE Radio

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

yin yang jacket web(Click blue link below to play)

Pat Kenny features the Yin Yang Complex on RTE Radio 5th January

Pat Kenny gave the book a great mention on his radio show along with some other really great books. The book is available on general release country wide from the 15th of January (all weather permitting!) Enjoy and thanks to Easons and Today with Pat Kenny!

Where does balance bring us?

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

I was very moved when i watched this young girl talk to the assembled UN delegates for climate change and environment. What she is talking about is the feminine energy that seeks to nourish all, yet she uses her masculine energy to take action. A beautiful combination of cause (yin/feminine) joined with action (yang/masculine).

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Welcome to the Yin Yang Complex

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009


Brendan Foley - author of the Yin Yang Complex