The 5 States of Success



My four year old son is fascinated by heroes; Batman, Spiderman, Superman and so on.  He gets excited by them and likes to think he has super powers too. And of course he does. But maybe not in the same way as the comic book heroes. The truth is we are all fascinated by heroes as an archetype. The reason for this is that Read More

2012 success plan video

2012 Success Plan

Make 2012 the best year that you have ever had! With this success plan you will learn how to articulate your goal be that; getting a raise, loosing weight, improving your relationship, getting a new job or whatever you desire. You will also learn how to create the motivation to do this, something that is critically Read More

Set fire to your fears!

Here is a great short visualisation to start to free you from your fears to allow you to create meaningful success in you career business and life. Please share it as this could just set someone free today - maybe even you! You can order my new book The 5 States of Success right now as paperback or ebook from Read More

The 5 States of Success explained

Here is a TV3 appearance on the Morning Show where I discuss "The 5 States of Success" my latest book. Enjoy and please share! You can order my new book The 5 States of Success right now as paperback or ebook from or . Retails at €9.99 and available at all good bookstores. Read More


The right career for you?

I and many others use very complicated and detailed personality profiles or psychometric assessments to help people to understand their key traits and therefore the type of work or career that would best suit their skill set and personality. In the absence of these tools there is a very simple technique that you can use. Read More

The 5 States of Success – video trailer

Enjoy! Please place a reminder in your calender or diary to purchase a copy of the book between the 3rd -10th of September as 100% of author royalties in this period are going to famine relief in Somalia, East Africa. And a big MEGA please to SHARE this with your friends, family and colleagues. See more at Read More

If you had but one choice…

After a long absence from Yoga, today I went back. After a really great and energising session while chilling out, a thought came to me, a thought that I have been having for some time. What would happen in my life and in the world if I could only respond with LOVE. Now I'm not talking about going all soppy or becoming a Read More

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Great FREE iPhone / iPad app

WOW, it's finally here after 6 months of development and hard work we have the latest version of the '5 States of Success' app ready for download. You can get it here. It's really exciting and is the first step in launching the The 5 States of Success, a book Read More

How to get the raise or promotion that you want!

Hi Everybody, WOW - I think this is the best training video that I have ever made yet, judging by the feedback. In it I'll show you how to get a raise or a promotion! It is one of my most successful techniques and usually only shared with coaching clients and organisations. I'm making it available to you today and would Read More

Is your career a stagnant pond or a flowing river?

Almost everyday I meet people who say - "my career is going nowhere" or "I am not where I want to be in my job" and many look to me for answers. The only answer to these questions is; 1. Where do you want to be? 2. What is stopping you getting there? 3. Will that make you happy if you get there? Check out this Read More

What should I read? Top 10 ‘must have’ self development books

Today I was asked by three different clients "what should I read, to help my self development/business?". So in response I have created what I'm calling my top 10 'must haves' as part of any self development collection. All these books are available on Amazon or in most book stores. In no particular order; 1. Read More