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What is your true path?

Image: dan / I can remember clearly the churning of my stomach and the tightness of my breath. At the same time I could feel an excitement pulsing though my body almost making me shake. It was the moment before I approached my boss to tell him that I was going it alone and was going to set up my own Read More

The 5 States of Success explained

Here is a TV3 appearance on the Morning Show where I discuss "The 5 States of Success" my latest book. Enjoy and please share! You can order my new book The 5 States of Success right now as paperback or ebook from or . Retails at €9.99 and available at all good bookstores. Read More

Be there or be square!

Tuesday 6th September at 6.30pm , Dubray Books, Blackrock Shopping Centre, Co Dublin. 100% of Author royalties from 3rd-10th September go to the Concern Famine Relief for Somalia. See you there! Read More

If you had but one choice…

After a long absence from Yoga, today I went back. After a really great and energising session while chilling out, a thought came to me, a thought that I have been having for some time. What would happen in my life and in the world if I could only respond with LOVE. Now I'm not talking about going all soppy or becoming a Read More

Is your career a stagnant pond or a flowing river?

Almost everyday I meet people who say - "my career is going nowhere" or "I am not where I want to be in my job" and many look to me for answers. The only answer to these questions is; 1. Where do you want to be? 2. What is stopping you getting there? 3. Will that make you happy if you get there? Check out this Read More

There is 200,000 years of greatness packed into YOU!

It is estimated that homo sapiens is about 200,000 years old. When you read that statement it is interesting but not really relevant to most of us. That is until you realize that YOU are homo sapiens! And why is this of interest to us? Anytime you doubt yourself, any time you believe that you are not good enough, not Read More

How to feel positive, No. 1 – What you put in you get out

In response to the negativity we see all around us we must have defenses and mechanisms in order to create positivity inside ourselves. I encounter the problem of people being overwhelmed by negativity in my business and life coaching, in training and with friends and family in my personal life. In the past I have been Read More

‘Fight or flight’ in the boardroom – the antedote

While we may see ourselves as a very advanced and intellectual species we are in fact fundamentally influenced by our ancient roots. You and I are living today because our ancestors stretching back from now to about 150,000 years ago all had an excellent sense of 'fight and flight'. This instinct kept them alive and hence Read More

4 reasons not to complain about the economy, banks, Government or NAMA!

Complaining is a cultural norm. We find it in every society and business but does it help us? In my book it is a categoric NO! Here are four reasons not to complain; mental well being, emotional well being, physical well being and spiritual well being. Mental Well Being When we criticise others we bring our attention Read More

Can success in your career be matched by happiness?

All of us want success and we all want happiness. In our careers these do not often come in pairs and if anything more success can bring about more unhappiness. By understanding our masculine and feminine energy we may be able to bring balance to our working lives that will yield not just success but also greater Read More