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What is your true path?

Friday, May 11th, 2012

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I can remember clearly the churning of my stomach and the tightness of my breath. At the same time I could feel an excitement pulsing though my body almost making me shake.

It was the moment before I approached my boss to tell him that I was going it alone and was going to set up my own business. This was my Rubicon – my chance to free myself to follow my destiny. It was 2006 and it was when I formed my company Seachange Training.

I approached Patrick and said “would you have a minute?”. Being astute and a good reader of people he said “yes, but let’s go out and get a coffee”. He could sense something was up. I had to hold myself back so as not to blurt out some unintelligible statement. Composing myself over a cup of coffee, I feared the worst; that I would get a very negative reaction and that I would somehow be letting down the great business that I worked for.

With trepidation I said, “I’m starting my own business Patrick, I’m going to set up a company called Seachange Training which is all about helping people to create personal and professional success”… Patrick’s response nearly floored me

“What can we and I do to help you?”

This was the last reaction that I expected!

The reason that I share this story with you is that it is just one in a long line of similar stories that have happened to me over the past few years. This is what happens in your life when you align with your true path. People around you will see you true intent and will want to support you, give you business and help you on your journey.

So my question for you is; what is your true path?

What is it that you can contribute to this amazing and incredible world we live in?

I’ll give a clue… it’s got a lot to do with what makes your heart sing and gives you joy. And before you shoot yourself down and say I can’t commercialise that or live that life, ponder this beautiful Hindu saying;

When you born you are given X number of heart beats and X number of breaths, how and where you spend them is up to you.

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The 5 States of Success explained

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Here is a TV3 appearance on the Morning Show where I discuss “The 5 States of Success” my latest book. Enjoy and please share!

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Be there or be square!

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Tuesday 6th September at 6.30pm , Dubray Books, Blackrock Shopping Centre, Co Dublin.

100% of Author royalties from 3rd-10th September go to the Concern Famine Relief for Somalia.

See you there!

If you had but one choice…

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

After a long absence from Yoga, today I went back. After a really great and energising session while chilling out, a thought came to me, a thought that I have been having for some time. What would happen in my life and in the world if I could only respond with LOVE. Now I’m not talking about going all soppy or becoming a hippy! Rather If I was to act from a place of goodness or kindness or compassion rather than ego or power or gratification what would happen?

So today I put it to the test and here are the results;

  1. 12 copies of my new book The 5 States of Success arrived today, normally I would think OK who needs to read this to get the word around about this book. So coming from a place of love I said “to hell with that, who matters most in my life?” and I signed a copy for each one of those people.
  2. About 6 o’clock in our house can be bedlam – those of you with children will know that this is the ‘witching hour!’. I needed to finish some work and was drawn to do this rather than get into the madness of feeds and baths, but I put off my impatience and played with the kids which bought my wife some time to do her things.
  3. An ad came on TV for people starving in Somalia, normally I switch channel as I find the images difficult and saddening. Today I did the same but vowed to do something to help. A few hours later a girl from Concern a charity working in Somalia to save lives called at my door looking for me to set up a standing order to help. The girl nearly fell over when she didn’t need to do a sales pitch as I said “Where do I sign?”. To which she responded “you have reaffirmed my faith in human nature – thank you.”

If in one afternoon this change in how I approach life could have such a dramatic effect as to support my family, share with my loved ones and help those in dire need, what would it be like if I took this approach for a week, or maybe a month, or maybe a year or perhaps maybe even a lifetime?

I believe that the effect that I would have on the world would be phenomenal. Now imagine what would happen if lots of people were to do this. What sort of world might we be able to create? The answer is so tantalising that I won’t attempt to put words on it, for no words could capture how good it would and can be.

So this is what I am going to do. I’m going to give this a try for a week. I’ll journal what happens and keep notes and if it looks like something that could go further, I am going to try a project “365 days from a place called Love”. Maybe you would like to try this too and share your insights.

Just in case you think this about religion or some other agenda it’s not. It’s about an experiment to see what effect you can have by choosing to operate from a place of love rather than a place of fear. I’ll share this journey with you and I tell you what works and what doesn’t, what I succeed at and what I struggle with.

So what do you think? Would you be up for the challenge? Maybe click LIKE or SHARE if you would be….

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BTW This is all about the 5th State of Success – the State of Spirit; which creates Purpose. for more see

Is your career a stagnant pond or a flowing river?

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Almost everyday I meet people who say – “my career is going nowhere” or “I am not where I want to be in my job” and many look to me for answers. The only answer to these questions is;

1. Where do you want to be?

2. What is stopping you getting there?

3. Will that make you happy if you get there?

Check out this video to see more…

Is your career a stagnant pond or a flowing river? from Brendan Foley on Vimeo.

There is 200,000 years of greatness packed into YOU!

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

It is estimated that homo sapiens is about 200,000 years old. When you read that statement it is interesting but not really relevant to most of us. That is until you realize that YOU are homo sapiens!

And why is this of interest to us?

Anytime you doubt yourself, any time you believe that you are not good enough, not capable, that you can’t make it, remember that your genes are the product of 200,000 years of success. That success is embedded in you. For your ancestors to pass on their genes to you they will have overcome; famine, war, disease, political upheaval, natural disasters, wild animals, droughts and many more disasters of epic proportions.

So next time you have a bad day at the office, put it into perspective and think of the 200,000 years of success gone into making you great!


How to feel positive, No. 1 – What you put in you get out

Monday, November 15th, 2010

In response to the negativity we see all around us we must have defenses and mechanisms in order to create positivity inside ourselves. I encounter the problem of people being overwhelmed by negativity in my business and life coaching, in training and with friends and family in my personal life. In the past I have been lucky enough to have encountered some great tools to help bring out the positivity within you, which I will share with you.

Here is the first of 10 X 3 minute video clips that will help you to feel positive and most importantly this positivity will then help you to create meaningful success in your life and business.

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‘Fight or flight’ in the boardroom – the antedote

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

While we may see ourselves as a very advanced and intellectual species we are in fact fundamentally influenced by our ancient roots. You and I are living today because our ancestors stretching back from now to about 150,000 years ago all had an excellent sense of ‘fight and flight’. This instinct kept them alive and hence we are here today. In terms of evolution therefore this sense is very highly rated. It is however the Achilles heel of many and something I am called upon to coach on a regular basis.

Do you ever find yourself in a professional setting frightened to speak when the CEO asks you a question? Do you ever get angry and see red when challenged in business? Do you avoid situations of conflict? Do you go quite or freeze under pressure? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you have experienced the ‘fight or flight’ response. The ‘fight or flight’ response is generated by the reptilian part of our brain which is the oldest part of the brain. When activated it bypasses the neo-coretex (thinking brain) and the limbic brain (emotional brain). As we know the result is we can’t think or feel clearly as our psychology thinks we are being attacked. In this state we are unable to make good decisions and are unable to communicate in a clear rational and empathetic manner.

To counter this try this process :-

1. Become aware of the feeling.

2. Realise that this response is being driven by fear of the future or unresolved emotion from the past.

3. Breath into your belly not your chest (this triggers a relaxation response)

4. Bring your awareness to the now (listen, ask a question, buy time)

5. Only now offer a comment, solution or approach

This method works whenever the ‘fight or flight’ response is triggered, it can be used in sport, business or relationships with equal effect.

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If love be the sustenance of the heart, creativity the sustenance of the mind then meditation is the sustenance of the spirit.

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

If love be the sustenance of the heart, creativity the sustenance of the mind and food the sustenance of the body then meditation is the sustenance of the spirit. – Brendan Foley

When conducting a coaching session I often ask people to score their lives on 4 scales. A quick ready reckoner if you like to assess where an individual is creating meaningful success. I ask people to score from 0-10 how good they feel about; their mind (education, stimulation, creativity), their emotions (relationships, communication, friendships), their body (health, sleep, diet) and their spirit (essence, higher-self, connection). Most answer the first 3 categories; mind, body and emotion easily enough and almost all people stumble when asked to evaluate their spiritual health.

This failure to be able to assess or dialogue with their spirit is quite disconcerting for the individual involved. We all struggle a little to put words on what we mean by our spirit. Many of us confuse spirit with religion (another days post!) when actually pretty much everyone can tell you a balanced and happy person has success in mind body and spirit. Yet why is it so difficult to be articulate about our own spirit?

I believe that most of us have never been thought how to have that conversation with ourselves and fewer of us still make the time to have the silence to allow this real inner dialogue to happen. The good news is that this dialogue is easy and in my view meditation is one of the best ways to facilitate this conversation with the self. You do not need to know what your spirit is to start the conversation, but start it you do need to do. When you start this communication your true wisdom flows and happiness becomes easily accessible! Being in a state of Spirit is one of the 5 States of meaningful success.

Why not check out the meditation in the RESOURCES section. I would also highly recommend the free 21 day mediation programme from the Chopra centre which can be accessed online at

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4 reasons not to complain about the economy, banks, Government or NAMA!

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Complaining is a cultural norm. We find it in every society and business but does it help us? In my book it is a categoric NO! Here are four reasons not to complain; mental well being, emotional well being, physical well being and spiritual well being.

Mental Well Being

When we criticise others we bring our attention what is wrong with the world. In doing this we often miss what is right in the world and as the law of attraction states what we bring our awareness to is what we attract into our lives. So are you bringing your awareness to success or failure in the world?

Emotional Well Being

When we complain about others our emotional state mirrors the state or the energy of the situation we are criticising. So if we are complaining about a negative we become negative and this leads to dejection and eventually apathy. So nothing is actually achieved by being in this state. Our view of the world when we feel negative creates closed and conservative thinking, not the type of thinking that fixes situations.

Physical Well Being

When you feel negative your physiological state becomes tense and tight. Your breathing becomes shallow, your eyes narrow, you hunch and you become still. The net effect of this is that you take in less oxygen so the blood stream is not carrying enough oxygen to your brain to think clearly. Less light comes into your senses and you feel down, lack of movement creates stagnancy of thought. If the effect of complaining is to raise your heart rate then you could suffer hypertension (high blood pressure) Again none of these things help fix the situation.

Spiritual Well Being

When we complain we judge others. This puts us in place where we feel superior to others and judge people when we do not have a true understanding of why they did what they did. To say bankers are greedy is perhaps to overlook how emotionally damaged many of them were as they had to keep creating wealth and power due to their lack of self esteem and insecurity in the world. Judging separates us from others and causes separation and lack of empathy, which again in turn stops us creating solutions.

So if creating meaningful success is important to you then quit complaining and get about creating solutions! Have a great day – Brendan.
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Want to know more about what the Yin and Yang is all about?

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Check out this short video we have made for YouTube to give an overview of the Yin Yang Complex. Hope you enjoy and if you do please pass onto others. This book really can help!

Can success in your career be matched by happiness?

Monday, March 8th, 2010

All of us want success and we all want happiness. In our careers these do not often come in pairs and if anything more success can bring about more unhappiness. By understanding our masculine and feminine energy we may be able to bring balance to our working lives that will yield not just success but also greater happiness.

On the surface it may seem that masculine and feminine energy have little to do with the way that a career will progress. Most people imagine that when this topic is mentioned that we are talking about gender equality in the workforce. It has nothing to do with this!

What we are referring to are the qualities of what we might call Yin (feminine) or Yang (masculine) energy. These energies both exist in every person. How these energies are used in the work place and are encouraged defines the type of balance and success that the business will have. Just to take your mind away away from stereo types regarding gender in work… I have a client that is an engineer, typically seen as a masculine profession who is very caring, easy and reflective as a person (feminine traits). His wife on the other hand is a nurse again a profession seen as mostly female led. She is ambitious, driving and highly focused (masculine traits). In this case he is displaying more feminine qualities and in doing so achieves success by bringing people with him and encouraging others. While his wife’s success is a product of her focus, attention to detail and energy to get the job done.

Both approaches bring this couple success and when together they balance each other. However where they have struggles is when they are apart and in his case he just uses his feminine energy and in her case she just uses her masculine energy. The imbalance will manifest in that he will tend to leave things till the last minute and lack the focus to complete tasks, this leads to him being a bad time manager and putting himself under a lot of stress and pressure equalling unhappiness. While her challenge will be in relating in an empathetic and caring way to her patients so that they feel cared for. When they feel she is too ‘business’ like they don’t feel the personal connection, this in turn leads to her feeling she does not connect well with people and then compares herself to other nurses who do. The next effect of this is she doesn’t grow or develop emotionally and again can feel unhappy.

The solution for this couple would be to work on their weaker sides to bring them out more and in doing so would achieve greater success in work but and feel happier about themselves. What can you bring out today for greater balance and therefore happiness in your career?

For more answers pick up a copy of The Yin yang Complex in your local store (Ireland) or go to our shop on this site