moments of truth

Fear and myopia in small Irish businesses

Yesterday was a very strange day. It was a day of unusual experiences that for me showed the disconnect between small Irish businesses and the principles of success. Two main experiences summed it up for me; 1. A credit note at a hardware store 2. A protest by subcontractors The hardware experience. I had to return Read More

The Gallery owner and the shelf packer – another ‘moment of truth’

You might remember Jan Carlzon that I wrote about in the Bombay Smile - moment of truth article, the ex CEO of Scandinavian Airlines SAS and the man who coined the term "moments of truth" to describe how people interact with you and your brand. I experienced a great moment of truth with two brands recently that not only Read More

Smile – positive change is viral

You could be forgiven for thinking that we live in a world of negativity and disasters, if you regularly consume media then you do live in that world. Our perception is our reality or another way to put it is 'as within so without'. What we think and feel about the world tends to be what our attention is brought to. If we Read More

Bombay Smile – ‘moments of truth’

Jan Calzon the former CEO of SAS Scandinavian Airlines popularised the concept of the 'moment of truth'. He postulated that each and every interaction with a brand or company presented the opportunity for the customer to experience a 'moment of truth'. This same concept can apply to us as individuals as well as to Read More