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2012 success plan video

2012 Success Plan

Make 2012 the best year that you have ever had! With this success plan you will learn how to articulate your goal be that; getting a raise, loosing weight, improving your relationship, getting a new job or whatever you desire. You will also learn how to create the motivation to do this, something that is critically Read More

Are you an 80%er goal setter? Want to be a 100%er?

Around this time of year it is very common for people to set objectives, goals and targets that they would like to achieve. Businesses are doing the same as well. By the time we reach next December most of those goals will remain unachieved or achieved in varying degrees of limited success. So what separates the few that Read More

Are you ‘chunking’ the right goals?

The American motivational speaker Tony Robbins talks about WAGs and BAGs in terms of goals setting, namely being Wildly Audacious Goals or Big Audacious Goals. In my experience people have no problem in setting WAGs or BAGs rather most people struggle on how to chunk, phase or break down their goal into a path that can lead Read More