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My four year old son is fascinated by heroes; Batman, Spiderman, Superman and so on.  He gets excited by them and likes to think he has super powers too. And of course he does. But maybe not in the same way as the comic book heroes. The truth is we are all fascinated by heroes as an archetype. The reason for this is that Read More

Set fire to your fears!

Here is a great short visualisation to start to free you from your fears to allow you to create meaningful success in you career business and life. Please share it as this could just set someone free today - maybe even you! You can order my new book The 5 States of Success right now as paperback or ebook from Read More

Be there or be square!

Tuesday 6th September at 6.30pm , Dubray Books, Blackrock Shopping Centre, Co Dublin. 100% of Author royalties from 3rd-10th September go to the Concern Famine Relief for Somalia. See you there! Read More

The 5 States of Success – video trailer

Enjoy! Please place a reminder in your calender or diary to purchase a copy of the book between the 3rd -10th of September as 100% of author royalties in this period are going to famine relief in Somalia, East Africa. And a big MEGA please to SHARE this with your friends, family and colleagues. See more at Read More

If you had but one choice…

After a long absence from Yoga, today I went back. After a really great and energising session while chilling out, a thought came to me, a thought that I have been having for some time. What would happen in my life and in the world if I could only respond with LOVE. Now I'm not talking about going all soppy or becoming a Read More

The 10 Principles Of Positivity

Here are 10 videos that will make you feel positive, optimistic and help you to create meaningful success in your career, your business or your life. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view as one video (26min) or see clip by clip below! This has already been described by a HR and Training expert as the best training Read More

What should I read? Top 10 ‘must have’ self development books

Today I was asked by three different clients "what should I read, to help my self development/business?". So in response I have created what I'm calling my top 10 'must haves' as part of any self development collection. All these books are available on Amazon or in most book stores. In no particular order; 1. Read More

Fear and myopia in small Irish businesses

Yesterday was a very strange day. It was a day of unusual experiences that for me showed the disconnect between small Irish businesses and the principles of success. Two main experiences summed it up for me; 1. A credit note at a hardware store 2. A protest by subcontractors The hardware experience. I had to return Read More

Are you an 80%er goal setter? Want to be a 100%er?

Around this time of year it is very common for people to set objectives, goals and targets that they would like to achieve. Businesses are doing the same as well. By the time we reach next December most of those goals will remain unachieved or achieved in varying degrees of limited success. So what separates the few that Read More

How to feel positive No.10 ‘Serve a greater purpose’

A guaranteed way to access our own positivity is to look for the positivity in others and help them to bring that outward. The more we as a group, team or community focus on our own and others positivity the more we create the climate for positive change and action. In this climate of uncertainty it is fear that is driving Read More

How to feel Positive, No.9 “In or out of your control?”

90% of our time spent is worrying and fretting about things and events that will never happen and more importantly on things that are out of your control. The net effect of worrying about things outside your control such as the economy, crime, exchange rates, the council, the banks, share prices, the price of milk... is Read More

How to feel positive, No.8 ‘Gratitude…’

Gratitude is an amazing quality. When we are grateful 3 quite amazing things happen; 1. When we are grateful our awareness is brought to what is really good in our lives. 2. You realise that you could not have achieved or have many of the things that you do without others. 3. The awareness and knowledge of points Read More