How to feel positive, No.7 ‘Affirm yourself’

Words have huge power. Every word you use has an emotional connotation or connection for you. For example the word 'Love' brings up very different feelings to the word 'Hate'. When we use negative words we tend to become more negative and disconnected. When we use words that we feel are positive we become positive and open Read More

How to feel Positive, No.5 – ‘What do you want?’

'What do you want?' It seems like a simple and easy question to answer, but when it comes to our lives we are very slow to articulate the answer. When we look at our thinking we find that most of us will spend most of our time thinking about what we don't want. I don't want to; get fired, get sick, be lonely, be poor, be Read More

How to feel positive, No.2 – Choose your state

You are not a slave to your emotions! Amazing research is showing us that our emotional states are and can be controlled by us. This provides us with an amazing ability to choose the emotional state that will help us to create meaningful success in our lives. Did you know that an emotion lasts for about 90 seconds in the Read More

4 reasons not to complain about the economy, banks, Government or NAMA!

Complaining is a cultural norm. We find it in every society and business but does it help us? In my book it is a categoric NO! Here are four reasons not to complain; mental well being, emotional well being, physical well being and spiritual well being. Mental Well Being When we criticise others we bring our attention Read More