How to feel positive, No.3 – Be in the now

It's the simplest tool and techniques that I know for positivity - be in the now. Learn how and why from this, the third part in our 10 part series about creating positivity in your life. As always if it works for you it will work for somebody else please share - have a great day! Brendan. Read More

‘Fight or flight’ in the boardroom – the antedote

While we may see ourselves as a very advanced and intellectual species we are in fact fundamentally influenced by our ancient roots. You and I are living today because our ancestors stretching back from now to about 150,000 years ago all had an excellent sense of 'fight and flight'. This instinct kept them alive and hence Read More

The revolution will not be televised

The title of this post taken from the famous Gil Scott-Heron song of the same name, nicely captures the essence of a really fascinating conversation I had recently with a group of like minded coaches and business people. We were all reflecting on how a large number of people that we interact with were feeling very negative Read More