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What is ‘meaningful’ success?

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

What is meaningful success and how do you create it in you life, career and business. Here are the answers.

What is meaningful success? from Brendan Foley on Vimeo.

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4 reasons not to complain about the economy, banks, Government or NAMA!

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Complaining is a cultural norm. We find it in every society and business but does it help us? In my book it is a categoric NO! Here are four reasons not to complain; mental well being, emotional well being, physical well being and spiritual well being.

Mental Well Being

When we criticise others we bring our attention what is wrong with the world. In doing this we often miss what is right in the world and as the law of attraction states what we bring our awareness to is what we attract into our lives. So are you bringing your awareness to success or failure in the world?

Emotional Well Being

When we complain about others our emotional state mirrors the state or the energy of the situation we are criticising. So if we are complaining about a negative we become negative and this leads to dejection and eventually apathy. So nothing is actually achieved by being in this state. Our view of the world when we feel negative creates closed and conservative thinking, not the type of thinking that fixes situations.

Physical Well Being

When you feel negative your physiological state becomes tense and tight. Your breathing becomes shallow, your eyes narrow, you hunch and you become still. The net effect of this is that you take in less oxygen so the blood stream is not carrying enough oxygen to your brain to think clearly. Less light comes into your senses and you feel down, lack of movement creates stagnancy of thought. If the effect of complaining is to raise your heart rate then you could suffer hypertension (high blood pressure) Again none of these things help fix the situation.

Spiritual Well Being

When we complain we judge others. This puts us in place where we feel superior to others and judge people when we do not have a true understanding of why they did what they did. To say bankers are greedy is perhaps to overlook how emotionally damaged many of them were as they had to keep creating wealth and power due to their lack of self esteem and insecurity in the world. Judging separates us from others and causes separation and lack of empathy, which again in turn stops us creating solutions.

So if creating meaningful success is important to you then quit complaining and get about creating solutions! Have a great day – Brendan.
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Smile – positive change is viral

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

You could be forgiven for thinking that we live in a world of negativity and disasters, if you regularly consume media then you do live in that world. Our perception is our reality or another way to put it is ‘as within so without’. What we think and feel about the world tends to be what our attention is brought to. If we are looking for negativity then we will find it and conversely look for positivity and we find it too.

My reality is that there are amazing people doing amazing things in my life and the world. While there may be a global financial crisis I meet people and businesses everyday who are thriving, growing and most importantly loving what they do. I know many people who will have 2010 as their most successful year yet. Did you know that there were more millionaires made per head of population in America during the dust-bowl depression of the 1920′s than at any other time!

My question to you is to ask yourself what is wonderful in your life? Who is wonderful in your life? (right now, draw up a quick list of what is brilliant in your life)

What you will find is the more you bring your awareness to what is great the more you will see these things in the world and other people. When you do this you will feel more positive and by feeling positive you will be infectious and others will reflect your positivity.

If you want to prove this theory it’s simple – just do one thing for one day;

Smile at everyone you meet today!

You will be amazed at how good you feel and the impact it makes on those around you. This will also bring you into a state of connection; one of the 5 states of success.

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