The 5 States of Success explained

Here is a TV3 appearance on the Morning Show where I discuss "The 5 States of Success" my latest book. Enjoy and please share! You can order my new book The 5 States of Success right now as paperback or ebook from or . Retails at €9.99 and available at all good bookstores. Read More

What should I read? Top 10 ‘must have’ self development books

Today I was asked by three different clients "what should I read, to help my self development/business?". So in response I have created what I'm calling my top 10 'must haves' as part of any self development collection. All these books are available on Amazon or in most book stores. In no particular order; 1. Read More

What is ‘meaningful’ success?

What is meaningful success and how do you create it in you life, career and business. Here are the answers. What is meaningful success? from Brendan Foley on Vimeo. PLEASE SHARE! THIS CLIP CAN REALLY HELP YOU BUT MAY HELP SOMEONE YOU KNOW EVEN MORE. IT'S JUST 1 CLICK! Thanks I really appreciate and am grateful for Read More

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When power dressing goes wrong!

The recent leaders debate on RTE television was laughable not just for the twitterisation of complex arguments condensed into 30 second soundbites, but for the uniform way the candidates were dressed! Each man with the exception of green party leader John Gormley wore a red tie. The reason for this is that people Read More

Fear and myopia in small Irish businesses

Yesterday was a very strange day. It was a day of unusual experiences that for me showed the disconnect between small Irish businesses and the principles of success. Two main experiences summed it up for me; 1. A credit note at a hardware store 2. A protest by subcontractors The hardware experience. I had to return Read More

The pendulum effect, understeer, oversteer and you!

In my experience coaching 100’s of people I have found that quite often clients will say “I used be so forceful and now I am so empathic, almost too much so…” or “I was very thoughtful and caring about people but now I find after coaching I am very driven and assertive”. These statements point to the phenomenon of the Read More


A Whopper of a question…

Image: I was asked a whopper of a question last night - Do you still believe in all this (Yin/Yang)? I was intrigued as to why the question was asked and on reflection I could see that the question was prompted by that person themselves reflecting the feeling of the masses; everything they used to Read More

Are you ‘chunking’ the right goals?

The American motivational speaker Tony Robbins talks about WAGs and BAGs in terms of goals setting, namely being Wildly Audacious Goals or Big Audacious Goals. In my experience people have no problem in setting WAGs or BAGs rather most people struggle on how to chunk, phase or break down their goal into a path that can lead Read More

Bombay Smile – ‘moments of truth’

Jan Calzon the former CEO of SAS Scandinavian Airlines popularised the concept of the 'moment of truth'. He postulated that each and every interaction with a brand or company presented the opportunity for the customer to experience a 'moment of truth'. This same concept can apply to us as individuals as well as to Read More

Can success in your career be matched by happiness?

All of us want success and we all want happiness. In our careers these do not often come in pairs and if anything more success can bring about more unhappiness. By understanding our masculine and feminine energy we may be able to bring balance to our working lives that will yield not just success but also greater Read More