Bombay Smile – ‘moments of truth’

Jan Calzon the former CEO of SAS Scandinavian Airlines popularised the concept of the ‘moment of truth’. He postulated that each and every interaction with a brand or company presented the opportunity for the customer to experience a ‘moment of truth’. This same concept can apply to us as individuals as well as to businesses and organisations.

On Friday evening I went to our local Indian take-away Bombay Pantry, one that produced great brochures and menus to appetise. When I went along to collect our meal I was amazed and experienced a moment of truth with the brand. Through the clear windows into the kitchen I saw 8-10 people busying in the kitchen. But something seemed out of order? Everyone in the kitchen was smiling and joking while working! Whether I am simply conditioned from seeing Gordon Ramsey screaming and shouting abuse in a kitchen or just have not seen other examples of positive energy in catering, I was amazed.

When the meal was brought out of the kitchen by a young Indian man he greeted the girl on the cash register with a genuine smile – a Bombay smile. I left not just with nutritional sustenance but also emotional sustenance from being in the positivity atmosphere of people who were choosing to be in a great state of positivity. This is a brilliant example of the state of connection which will be discussed in future posts.

So when people encounter you, your brand or your company what moment of truth do they experience?

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