BrendanFoley.net is the online resource for Keynote Speaker and Inspirational Strategist, Brendan Foley.

Your first question might be what is an Inspirational Strategist?

Think of some of the most motivational and uplifting speakers that you have seen and heard, now mix that energy with some of the smartest strategists and innovators that you know of. What you get is an Inspirational Strategist. Someone who can create the right mix of;

  • energy and ideas,
  • motivation and planning,
  • ‘feel good’ and practical action.

At Brendan Foley’s keynotes and seminars you will learn how to create extraordinary personal energy and motivation, but most importantly to leave with a practical plan and series of steps to allow you to implement powerful personal and professional strategies for growth.

“Brendan takes your strategy and connects it with individuals to make it meaningful and relevant”